The speed of human evolution grows exponentially. Therefore it is more important than ever to tackle the challenges of tomorrow in a flexible way.


combines information technology

with your ideas.

As we see it, the web browser is the most flexible interface that humans use in our current age and time. Therefore we specialize in delivering efficient web based application solutions.
Be it as a standalone application or in conjunction with other processes i.e. API services or user interfaces.

Our currently preferred web development stack includes: SQL, NoSQL, Golang, Python, HTML5 and JavaScript.

Besides building web applications we have a strong background in creating flexible automation solutions, enabling you to bridge the gap between real world problems and computers.

We cover:

> Programming of hardware controllers and robots (SPS, Arduino, Stäubli)
> Computer Vision / Audition
> Data Analysis
> Machine Learning

According to our philosophy that integrates the real world with computers, we also offer options through our partners to facilitate rapid hardware prototyping.

If there is no feasible hardware solution for your problem yet, we will create one.

Last but not least, we offer the unique ability to expand your horizon in problem solving by tapping into the very young yet hugely promising field of Bitcoin (SV) development.
As many people still only see cryptocurrencies as speculative assets, we are focussing our efforts in utilizing the original Bitcoin protocol as a tool for micro transactions and immutable source of truth to develop solutions to problems that have never been possible before.

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